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Modern waiter call system for restaurant, cafe and patisserie.

Menulux Restaurant Waiter Call System
Menulux POS System - Waiter Call System

Boost your customer satisfaction with Menulux Watch

Your customers, easily call your waiter with smartphones and tablets, not by voice or hand gestures.


The call made by the customer is immediately notified via the cloud to the smart clock of the waiter, either voiced or vibrated.


The waitress goes to the table where the order is placed directly and serves quickly in the direction of the customer's request. You can increase your brand value with the fast and excellent service you offer to your customers.


When the food or drink service is ready, the waiter's intelligent clock will be notified and the customer service will be provided without loss of time. The waiter does not go unnecessarily between the kitchen and the customer, this will give you less service time and higher service quality.

More satisfied customers

Provide a comfortable environment in which the waiter and his or her staff will not interrupt or disturb your customers' private conversations or dialogs.


The Menulux Waiters Call System provides a coordinated and a good workflow, enabling your staff to operate at full efficiency. Thus you will have a more economical and efficient working environment.

Menulux POS System - Waiter Call System
Menulux POS System - Waiter Call System
Waitress Call

When a customer presses the 'call' option on their smartphone or tablet, a notification comes in via the cloud, along with the customer's table number, to the waitress's smart clock. Thus, the waitress can start to serve the table quickly.


The waitress easily send the customer's order through the Menulux POS System to the kitchen. When the order is ready, will comes notification to waitress smart clock. and the order can delivered quickly to the relevant table. By selecting the order as 'completed', it may start to deal with other tables.


Your customer can easily request an account and pay for it at the desk. It is happily separated from your workplace.


Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Integrated With Menulux Pos

With Menulux Watch app, orders received on smartphones and tablets will be notified to the waitress's smart clock over the cloud.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Cloud Computing Platform

Menulux cloud computing platform allows you to manage your business remotely by accessing all of your information from the internet by a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Suitable for all Businesses

Menulux Watch, restaurants, cafes, bars, tea gardens, hotels, holiday villages and so on. provides service or account service, direct desk and customer service to all businesses.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Sound And Vibration

Thanks to the sound and vibration feature of Menulux Watch, orders received via smartphones and tablets are notified to the waiter's smart watch via the cloud.


Try the Menulux Waiter call system by installing it on your watch from the Google Play store!

Thanks to the Menulux POS system and digital menu software that we have been using for many years, we are able to take the orders much easier and faster, and we do all our work safely.


Menulux has been a real solution partner for us by offering the most convenient restaurant automation solution to our branches. We realized a business partnership that we thought would grow together.


We appreciate for the endless support Menulux has provided us from the first day we started working with their restaurant POS software and digital menu system.


We provide fast and error-free service in our cafe with intensive customer circulation through Menulux POS system. We recommend Menulux to all businesses due to its uninterrupted support and quality services.


Since the day we started using Menulux restaurant automation software, we have been taking orders very quickly and smoothly. We can easily track our progress. We are very pleased with the Menulux POS systems.


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