Manage your business remotely, reach sales and inventory reports instantly

Menulux Portal online restaurant management system
Online Management System

Menulux Portal is an online management system allows you to remotely manage your business from any device. Access your information from anywhere at any time.

Menulux Portal online restaurant management system for central management
Central Management System

Menulux Portal centralized management system allows you to manage products, prices, staff, inventory, reports and also branches from a single account.

Menulux Portal online restaurant management system for advanced reporting and analysis
Advanced Reports and Analysis

Check your real-time end of day, sales, inventory and current reports. Improve your business situation by comparing time based sales with detailed analysis.

Menulux Portal - Online Restaurant Management System  
Manage the next generation of restaurant automation and mobile POS systems from anywhere at any time!

Discover Menulux Portal Advanced Reporting and Analysis tool
Menulux Portal online restaurant management system for advanced reporting solution
Menulux Portal - Restaurant Management System

Manage your business remotely with Menulux Portal!

Manage all the information that describes your business such as product menus, prices, staff, floor and table layouts, service and sales points, stock cards, pos system settings, etc.

Remote configuration, automatic update

Remotely configure all of the information and settings of your operation and devices, update them at any time. Add new products, change prices. All information is automatically transferred to your tablets and POS devices.

Manage your pos systems from central office

Menulux Portal is a centralized management system solution that allows you to remotely manage your restaurant automation system including mobile POS system, tablet menus, waiter hand terminals, mobile order and mobile payment systems with your administrative account.

Menulux Portal - Restaurant Management System

Get your reports instantly!

Get end of day, sales, personnel, current accounts and inventory reports instantly. Compare your periodic sales visually.

Instant and periodic reporting

The Menulux Portal online reporting and analysis system helps you make the right decisions and grow your business by presenting your data in the form of visual analysis as well as instant and periodic reports.

Central reporting system

With the Menulux central management and reporting system, you can manage all of your branches from a single account, and you can observe the consolidated and comparative branch reports on the same screen.

Menulux Portal online restaurant management system for visual analysis on graphics
Menulux Portal - Restaurant Management System

Create your free account in the Menulux Portal central management and reporting system, start using Menulux POS systems now.

Menulux Portal

We were searching for a restaurant POS and tablet menu system for our conceptual cafe. We decided to work with Menulux due to the ease of use and visual quality of Menulux solutions. We present our menus visually with Menulux Tablet menus and get orders more quickly and easily with Menulux POS system.


We have been using Menulux POS system and tablet menus since 2014. Taking orders from tablets instead of hand terminals in restaurant automation system gives us speed and convenience in terms of usage. Thanks to the online management panel and mobile boss app, we can make changes in the products and prices and get all sales and stock reports instantly.


In the period when we were not satisfied with our restaurant automation system we decided to try Menulux POS solution. Thanks to Menulux Support Team's rapid, effective and uninterrupted communication we currently have 4 branches and can handle more than 800 checks daily. We built a system that we could easily manage from the center. We recommend Menulux to all chain stores and franchises.


At Dedeman Hotel, we are committed to provide the best quality and we achieve this by switching to digital tablet menus. We started using 30 tablets to present our products in the highest quality visuals and ensure that our menus are shown in guests’ native language. From tablet menus we also collect feedback about our services. We are very pleased with the support and interest Menulux has shown us.


We opened our first branch in 2007, and ever since we have won customers’ appreciation with our unique decoration, rich menu and quality service. We chose Menulux during our search for digital tablet menu system to promote our products in the best way. We thank Menulux for contributing to our brand value and we recommend it to all businesses.


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