Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system dashboard screen

The menu in your pocket with Menulux Pocket!

Menulux offers digital menus with social content that enable you to deliver your product menus on smartphones and tablets.

Define your products, share with everyone

Create your products with high-quality photos, prices and descriptions, and share them on your iPhone, iPad and all Android-based phones and tablets.

Much more than a digital menu

In addition to digitally presenting your Menulux product menus, it is equipped with numerous features that will help you improve your business by gathering feedback, photos, address, phone and location information about your business.

Increase communication with customers

By offering exclusive privileges to your customers who use Menulux, you can increase communication and interaction with your customers at a high rate.

Do not wait for the menu, download Menulux Pocket Menu!

You do not need a waiter to bring a menu to the table. Inform your customers that they can download Menulux Mobile Menu to their smartphones instead of waiting for the menu.

Download from App store and Google play store

You can use Menulux Mobile app by downloading from iOS App Store and Google Play app store on all iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Place stickers and present menu

Place the specially prepared QR code stickers on tables and/or napkin holders, share your menus through all smartphones and tablets with Menulux Pocket.

Use your customer's smartphones

You do not need to buy any additional hardware to use the Menulux Pocket application! Customers can view your menu by downloading the Menulux app to their smartphones.

Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system Qr Code Scanner screen
Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system categories screen

Start a pleasant visual navigation in your menu

We offer you a pleasant menu experience that lets you view your menu in the form of a photo album.

Configure your product categories

Menulux allows you to create an unlimited number of categories to group your products in the menu. Add a photo to every product and category you've defined, link the products to the categories and prepare them for presentation on smartphones.

Navigate between product categories

Your menu shows up as a list of categories with photos. You can see the products belonging to the category by touching a category in the list, and you can see other categories quickly by sliding the screen up or down.

Navigate through product images

When you select a category, you will see the products in the corresponding category.

View all products

By pulling the screen up and down, you can see all the products belonging to the category you have chosen, you can easily access the products belonging to other categories by sliding the screen to the left or right.

Quick and easy access to products

Your menu can consist of products in dozens of categories and products. Filter products by entering a few characters in the search bar to quickly and easily reach the product you are looking for.

Tap a product to see detailed information

Switch to the product details screen by tapping on the product you are interested in. You can add as many details as you like for your customers.

Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system products screen
Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system product detail screen

View product details!

Access high-resolution photos of your products, detailed explanations, calories, preparation time and price information.

Present your menu in foreign languages

Menulux determines the default language of the device on which the app is loaded and shows the application contents on that language. You can also define your menu content in the languages you want, or you can translate your menu into foreign languages using Menulux's automatic language translation feature.

Advertise with social network sharing

Share your products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can publicize your products and acquire new customers with the social sharings that your customers make.

Make your customers happy

Make your customers happy by presenting your digital menus and product menus interactively and visually.

Increase your sales

The purchase rate of products presented with visuals increases by 20-30%. Start increasing your sales with Menulux now.

Win new customers

Thanks to sharing your products on social networks, you get free advertising and you get lots of new customers.

Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system makes your customers happy


Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Digital Pocket Menu

Menulux Pocket is a digital menu app that allows you to show your restaurant menus on iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Download now from the App Store and Google Play store.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Cloud Computing Platform

Thanks to the Menulux cloud platform, any changes made in the menu are automatically transferred to the smartphones. In addition, application updates keep you up to date.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Suitable for all Businesses

Menulux Pocket is suitable for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops and all business types. Enhance your visual menu and ordering experience with Menulux.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Iyzico Secure Payment

Menulux Pocket Menu is using iyzico secure payment infrastructure and you can make your payments securely through the mobile menu.

Start trying Menulux Pocket digital menu app by downloading from iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.

Downloading Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system app from iPhone App Store Downloading Menulux Pocket digital restaurant menu system app from Google Play Store

We have discovered an innovative way to visually present our menus, receive mobile orders and feedback with Menulux Pocket digital menu and mobile ordering system.


Thanks to the Menulux POS system and digital menu software that we have been using for many years, we are able to take the orders much easier and faster, and we do all our work safely.


We appreciate for the endless support Menulux has provided us from the first day we started working with their restaurant POS software and digital menu system.


We chose Menulux digital menus to promote our products in the best possible way. We thank Menulux for its products that contribute to our brand value, and we recommend it to all other businesses.


We're happy with Menulux. It's simple to use, inexpensive, and we love digital menu concept. We recommend Menulux to all innovative businesses that give importance to visual quality.

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