The Menulux Point of Sale (POS) system is a cloud based automation system that runs on mobile devices where you can manage orders and payments for your business.

The Menulux POS system is a mobile app compatible with Android-powered tablets and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

No, Menulux POS application does not work on Windows and iOS devices, yet you can use iOS devices for tablet menu software, Menulux Pocket and Menulux Boss applications.

You can immediately download and try our POS system application from the Google Play Store. You can use sample restaurant menu to learn the design and system capabilities. You can see reports and analytics at the same time. For a limited time, you can also ask for a demo license to use the system for your business.

You can make the price and menu changes by using the web based restaurant management portal that you will be directed from the LOGIN link on our website. Videos are available for detailed descriptions on our YouTube channel.

Yes, cancellations, catering, refunds can be made and every transaction is kept in reports.

Yes, you can replace tables with one touch and easily receive partial payments.

Yes, you can track staff sales, food costs and also discounts made by staffs. They're all kept in reports.

Yes, portion and option information is entered on a product basis and you can customize your order with a single click and send it to the kitchen.

No, you do not have to add photos, you can use the system without adding photos.

You can use any Android-based mobile phone or tablet as a handheld terminal.

Installation can be done in a few minutes and you can start to receive and track your sales. Of course, you should have your information ready such as menu contents, seating arrangement and product options to be provided before installation.

Our software pricing is available on our pricing page. Additionally, apart from your contact information, number of devices and printers you want to use is enough to receive quotation for the system including hardware, software and installation. We will send you a quotation as soon as possible after we receive your request.

Menulux POS and waiter apps work on Android. However, tablet menu and pocket digital menu apps work both on iOS and Android devices.

Email, telephone and remote support services are free. However, our on-site support services are charged.

You can access your reports from the Menulux web based management portal or the Menulux Boss application.

Yes, you can follow the inventory on the fly.

Yes, you can track all your current accounts, receivables and debts.

Yes, you can create prescriptions and track your product costs and stocks.

Yes, we are currently supporting 81 languages. If a language you want to use is not among them, we can add it to the system in a short time.

No, you can add as many products as you like.

Yes, we support different currencies.

We do automatic translation with our integrated Google Translate feature, and you can also make revisions.

Yes, you can take orders from the tablets integrated to the Menulux POS system.

Changes you make in the product menus and prices appear instantly on the menu.

Yes, it is enough to have a tablet device. All other operations can be done from the web based management portal.

No, in the first instance your logo will appear in the pictures of your products. You can add photos for your products later.

Learning to use the Web Portal is very simple. You can make use of the videos we have prepared on our YouTube channel.

Compatible with all android tablets and iPads.

Yes, you can easily receive customer feedback and complaints.

Yes, you can use Menulux portal and make your own changes with your administrator account.

It depends on you, tablet can be locked so that only the menu app can work.

You can change the visual on the home screen as you like, you can get ads from your suppliers or other companies.

Once you have created a menu on the system, you can use it both on tablets and smartphones.

Yes, if integrated with Menulux POS, customers can send orders from their mobile phones to the automation system.

All iPhone, iPad and Android devices are supported.

Within a few seconds, all your changes will appear in the menu.

No, you can add as many products as you like.

No, in the first instance your logo will appear in the pictures of your products. Then you can add photos for your products if you like.

Yes, you can easily receive customer feedback and complaints.

Yes, you can use Menulux portal and make your own changes with your administrator account.

It allows waiters to take orders with Android mobile phones or tablets.

It connects to Menulux POS system and sends orders via Wi-Fi network.

The waiter terminal is used to speed up sending orders and receiving payments.

It is enough for the system to work on the wireless network for its operation. Therefore, even if the internet is disconnected, the system works as long as the access point is running.

Cancellations and refunds can not be made from the waiter's terminal, but can be performed by the manager or chef from the main terminal.

Yes, the receipts can be printed.

Web portal is a web-based restaurant management system in which all system configurations are made and reports are displayed.

The system is cloud-based and the settings and inputs are made via the management panel because of its simplicity and it does not require any specific hardware.

Products, menus, layout plans, stocks, and current accounts are configured from the management panel. All reports and analysis results are also displayed from the management panel.

Reports and current accounts can be accessed from management panel as well as through the Menulux Boss application.

A web browser is sufficient to access the administration panel. It can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

All browsers are supported. For the best performance, we recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

You will benefit from receiving information about your manager's reports, current accounts, and instant status.

All iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+ devices are supported.

You can quickly view reports, add a current account, remove, view products, and more.

Yes, you can view reports and send them as e-mail.

Yes, you can see inventory information instantly.

Transactions and register records will appear in the Boss application within a few minutes.

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