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Next generation online order and takeaway automation for restaurants, cafes, patisseries and markets

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Track your online package orders with Menulux Takeaway POS

Menulux Takeaway POS is a new generation cloud-based online order integration system running on Android devices. With the Takeaway POS system, you can easily manage and instantly print your online package orders from many different applications and websites on a single device.


Menulux Takeaway POS provides takeaway automation in restaurants, cafes and markets by enabling you to manage online order systems, mobile order applications and orders sent from online stores in a single center.


Thanks to the Yemeksepeti and Getir integrations of the Menulux Takeaway POS system, you can easily manage all orders from these applications on a single screen..


As Menulux, we offer advanced mobile application and ordering website services that you can use with the Takeaway POS system, featuring mobile ordering, online payment, campaigns and e-wallet (money/point savings) features specific to your business.

View and manage your package orders on a single screen!

With Menulux Takeaway POS, view and manage all your package orders on a single screen. Avoid order cancellations with voice notifications.

Review your New Orders

You can confirm the order by examining the address, order time and product information of your new order, and reject it by stating the reason. You can manage all your newly arrived, prepared and sent package orders on a single screen.

Voice Order Notifications

Get audible notifications by setting a ringtone for your new package orders coming to Menulux Takeaway POS.

Avoid Order Cancellations

Orders from applications such as Yemeksepeti and Getir have a certain confirmation period. Thanks to the voice notifications, you can easily confirm the orders within the approval period and you will not encounter order cancellations.

Menulux Takeaway POS, Restaurant Takeaway Program - Takeout Order System, Online order list
Menulux Takeaway POS, Restaurant Takeaway Program - Takeout Order System, Order detail screen

View package order details

Menulux Takeaway POS displays all the details of your order, such as customer name, address and telephone information, payment and delivery type of the order. With this information, you can confirm the order, and in cases where it is not possible to prepare or serve, you can reject it by stating the reason.

Order details, options and notes

Menulux Takeaway POS shows you the prices of your orders, menu and product options, desired sauces or other options and the notes specified by the customer.

Order confirmation and rejection processes

When you receive an order, you usually agree directly by reviewing the order details. In cases where the order information creates problems for you to prepare and serve the order, you can reject the orders by stating the reasons.

Order Refusal Reasons

'No product', 'No Chef', 'Vehicle Defective', 'Address out of service zone', etc. in cases where you need to reject orders. There is no harm in rejecting orders with reasons.

Prepare and ship your orders

Quickly prepare the ordered products in your kitchen when you confirm a takeaway order. When your order is ready for delivery, send it with your own takeaway service or using other courier services.

Confirm Order, Print

When you confirm an order via Menulux Takeaway POS, your order goes into 'Preparing' status and a notification is sent to the relevant online order systems. In this way, your customer receives the information that the order has been confirmed and preparation has begun. Print the order and send it to the kitchen immediately to start preparing it.

Package Service and Courier Transactions

When you prepare your order for delivery, send it to your customer quickly with the order receipt via your courier package service. Some customers may prefer courier service belonging to online service systems. In these cases, deliver the order to the relevant courier service and mark it as 'Delivered to courier' on Takeaway POS.

Courier Service API Integration

Some businesses may contract with another courier company that provides this service instead of setting up their own delivery service. In such a case, request Menulux's courier service integration services.

Menulux Takeaway POS, Restaurant Takeaway Program - Takeout Order System, Order printing screen


Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
IPhone And Android

Menulux Pocket is a payment application that allows you to receive mobile payments from iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Download now from App Store and Google Play stores.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Mobile Payment System

Thanks to the Menulux virtual POS infrastructure, you can receive mobile payments via your customers' smartphones, create campaigns and increase your sales with mobile coupons.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Suitable for all Businesses

Menulux Pocket is suitable for any business from restaurants, cafes, patisseries, coffee shops and hotels. Enhance your mobile ordering experience easily with Menulux Pocket.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Iyzico Secure Payment

Menulux Mobile Payment System is integrated with the Iyzico secure payment infrastructure, and your payments are processed on a secure infrastructure with the PCI-DSS 1st level certificate.


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