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We offer user-friendly, fast and reliable POS systems for restaurants, cafes, markets and chain businesses.

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Who we are?

Menulux is an R&D and software company established in Kocaeli Technology Development Zone in 2013. The aim of our company is to develop new generation cloud systems and mobile application solutions especially for the restaurant, cafe, market and retail sectors. Our mission is to help businesses increase their efficiency and competitiveness by using technology and improve customer experience.

With our innovative vision, we continue to be a pioneer in the sector by focusing on R&D studies and innovative projects. We lead businesses' transition to cloud systems by offering Turkey's first cloud POS system, digital menu, online ordering and mobile reporting applications. We continue to be the pioneer of technological development with our new generation self-order kiosk and artificial intelligence-based self-checkout cashierless cashier systems.

We stand out with our more than 10 years of experience in the industry and more than 2000 active customers. As of today, our software and system solutions are actively used in hundreds of businesses in a total of 24 countries, as well as Turkey. We provide services in accordance with regional requirements by offering special and localized solutions to our customers, especially in European countries such as England, Germany and France. This is an indication of the quality service we provide on a global scale.

As Menulux, we do not see technology just as a tool, but also transform it into a factor that contributes to the growth and development of businesses. We make businesses ready to sell in just an hour with our new generation software and system solutions and 24/7 support. Thanks to our cloud-based system solutions and advanced software technologies that support offline work, we minimize the need for on-site support. We offer over 99.95% quality of service (SLA) in all our software and system solutions.

We are always ready to support the success of our customers and business partners. Bağdat Cd. in Turkey. We are always at your service with our sales and support offices in many regions, especially Kadıköy Istanbul, Izmit Headquarters Kocaeli, KOU Teknopark R&D Center Kocaeli, Folkart Towers Izmir, and our solution partners in other cities and countries.

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Menulux POS Systems are actively used in a total of 24 countries, including Turkey, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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