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Central Branch Management, Franchise Chain Management System

End to end management and tracking

Manage all your branches at the centre, track, update and manage them easily.

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Manage your menus

Manage branch menus at one point. Update prices whenever you want and apply to other branches.

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Control transactions

Inspect daily, monthly, yearly or range that you chose movements.

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Track your branches

Whether you have two or a hundred branches, you can track all your branches from a single center. Increase your business value.

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Audit and interfere

Wherever you are, track your branches down to the details. Check cash transactions. Examine the reports, secure your business.

Update prices with Single click

Quickly edit the product prices and details about your branches. Reflect your changes to all your branches with one click.

Inspect Current ccounts and Cash Register

Examine your cash transactions, current accounts that registered to your business. Follow all transactions from a single screen.

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All branches under your control

Manage all operations of your branches from a single screen. Edit your menus, change layouts, control stocks, track staff, view invoices and current accounts.

Control wherever you want

With internet connection, easily view and edit all details about your branches on a computer or phone. All the changes that you made are automatically applied to your branches.

Asses your branches

Review your reports at any time. Analyze the data of your branches and evaluate their performance.

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Reports and Analysis

Review reports from all of your branches from a single center and plan your steps for the upcoming periods.

Real-time and Periodic Reports

With Menulux Central Management System, you can view reports for a certain date range and real-time status reports. Additionally, you can easily analyze with visualized reports.

Central Reporting System

You can access reports for all branches from a single center and compare your branches. This way, you can acquire branch performance analysis.

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Customer Feedbacks

As Emirgan Sütiş, we offer our services in our franchises with fast and error-free Menulux POS Systems. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. With the central management system, we can update the menus and prices from a single center to all our branches and monitor the reports instantly.

Emirgan Sutis, Istanbul

We preferred the Menulux POS system to provide automation in our restaurant, where unique examples of Japanese cuisine are served. Thanks to its easy interface, cash register and Yemeksepeti integrations, it provides great convenience to our business. With a contributuion of Menulux's customer support, we can easily manage our 2 branches from a single center.

Inari Omakase, Istanbul

As Dinesty Group, we use the new generation financially approved restaurant automation system offered to us by Menulux POS. Systems is running our Serafina restaurant. We carry out our customer transactions in accordance with the legal regulations and quickly. Thanks to Menulux for their interests and customer support.

Sefarina Restaurant, Istanbul

We increase our customer satisfaction with a help of easy interfaces, error-free and fast operation in our branches. We manage our business with Menulux POS Systems. We recommend Menulux's new generation sales automation, digital menu and ordering solutions to all chain business owners, restaurant, cafe and patisserie sectors.

Lulu Gelato, Istanbul

As Dedeman Hotel, we support our claim to present our quality in the best way by switching to Menulux digital tablet menus. We can collect feedback about our services while presenting products on tablets with the highest quality visuals and in the native language of our guests.

Dedeman Hotel, Kazakistan


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Menulux offers everything you need to give your customers the best experience, boost your sales and grow your business. It takes you one step further with its advanced tools.

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Menulux POS Systems are actively used in a total of 24 countries, including Turkey, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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