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iMin D1 Android POS Device

Menulux POS System - Dashboard screen
Ergonomic and Comfortable

The touch screen designed for positioning on the floor will provide you with a set-top POS device experience. Use your customer display and thermal printer features on a single device with integrated hardware.

Functional Features

Perform multiple functions at the same time thanks to the integrated thermal printer and customer display. In this way, carry out your POS transactions on a single screen.

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Device Specifications

Screen Size : 10.1" inch screen size

Processor : Dual-Core ARM Cortex - A75, (1.8Ghz)
Six-Core ARM CORTEX-A55, (1.8Ghz )

Operating system : Android 11 Series iMin user interface

Memory : Ram 2GB - ROM 16GB

Power Adapter : Input: 100 - 240V, Output 24V / 1.5A

Connection Options : Ethernet,
Wi-Fi (2.4GHz),
Bluetooth 4.2

Connection Ports : x4 Type-A,
x1 Micro USB,
x1 RJ11, RJ12, RJ45,

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Menulux POS System - Order Screen

MENULUX in the World

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Menulux POS Systems are actively used in a total of 24 countries, including Turkey, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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