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Innovative Solution in Mobile Payments!

Menulux's android tablet POS device completely transforms your business's process of accepting mobile payments. This device, which has a powerful processor, comes with an easy-to-use interface. Powered by the Android-based operating system, this POS device offers an ideal solution for fast and trouble-free payment transactions.

Fast and Powerful

Menulux's fast and powerful Android Tablet POS device optimizes your business' payment processes.

Sturdy Metal Tablet Stand

Tablet stands are the most suitable solution to safely display and use your business' tablet POS device. Metal Tablet Stands stand out with their strength and durability and offer stable performance even during long-term use. Thanks to its metal structure, this stand holds and protects your tablet tightly and is made of high quality materials. Designed to withstand the intensity of your business, the stand keeps your securely placed tablet stable and prevents falls.

Non-Slip Base

Menulux Tablet POS ensures that the stand is placed firmly on the desired surface and prevents it from slipping. Thanks to its non-slip base, the tablet stand remains balanced on the table or counter, thus preventing unwanted movements during operations.

Menulux POS System Industrial Devices - Tablet POS Stand
Menulux POS System Industrial Devices - Touch Tablet Device
High Performance

Lenovo Tab M10 offers users an impressive tablet experience with its powerful processor and high-resolution screen.

Ergonomic Design

With its 10.1 inch touch screen and thin and light design, Lenovo Tab M10 offers advantages in terms of portability and allows you to use it wherever you want.

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