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Menulux Pocket Restaurant Menu Program Digital Menu System - Login Screen

No more waiting for a menu with QR Menu!

It is no longer necessary for the waiter to take a menu to the table to show the menu. Instead of waiting for the menu, tell your customers to read the qr code on your tables with the barcode reader on their smartphones.


It is very important for your customers that the products you add to your menu look neat and stylish. You can add the pictures of your products to the QR Menu and at the same time categorize them so that you can get the best look and avoid the mess.


Thanks to the Digital QR Menu, you can prevent diseases likely to be transmitted from classic paper menus. Thus, your customers can access the Qr Menu from their smart phones in a contactless and hygienic manner.


Thanks to the foreign language support, you can appeal to more people with the foreign languages ​​you add. To change the language of your application, just click the language icon in the upper left.

Take a quick look at the products in your menu

Easily navigate the menu with your fingertips on your menu, while also tap on a product to access summary information on photos, content and price.


While browsing through your menus, you can see the name, picture, description and content of your products, so you can have brief information about the product without clicking on the product. By touching a product you like, you can view the image of the product, allergens and additives, calorie value, preparation time on the screen that opens.


You can add high-resolution images of the food and beverages you have added to your menu, and share information such as allergens and additives, preparation time, calorie amount with your customers will help you increase the quality of your business and gain your customer's trust.

Menulux pocket restaurant menu program digital menu system qr code menu reader screen
Menulux pocket restaurant menu program digital menu system products display

View product details!

When you touch a product, you can access high resolution photos, descriptions, calories, preparation time, allergens and additives, and price information.


One of the advantages of the Digital QR Menu application is that it can have more information about food and drinks. You can also provide your customers with information such as which allergens and additives are in your product, how many calories it has, how many minutes it is cooked, and the ingredients in the product.


You can detail the price of the product you add to your application. You can group and price the product in small, medium and large sizes using the triple, double or single pricing option. By using single pricing, you can show the product at its standard price.


With the Digital QR Menu, you can assign more than one label to your products. Depending on how much your product is sold, you can assign a favorite tag to that product or a discount tag when you apply a discount to that product.

Consider your customers' complaints and suggestions

Take into consideration the feedback, complaints and suggestions of your customers and act accordingly.


Thanks to the feedback system, you can learn what your customers think about your business and how satisfied they are with which services, and they can also state their suggestions and complaints in the description section. You can correct your shortcomings by taking these suggestions and complaints into consideration. In this way, you can provide a better and quality service in your business.


Thanks to the feedback form of the Digital QR Menu, you can always follow the customer satisfaction and quality. You can access the feedback you receive from the control panel anytime, anywhere.

Menulux pocket restaurant menu program digital menu system qrcode menu reader display
Menulux Tablet Menü ve iPad menü sistemi - Mutlu Müşteriler

Make your customers happy

Make your customers happy by presenting your product menus interactively and visually with Digital QR Menus.

Increase your sales

The purchasing rate of the products presented with their images increases by 20-30%. Start increasing your sales immediately with Menulux.

Win new customers

Thanks to the sharing of your products on social networks, you will have free advertising and you will get many new customers.


Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Android And IOS Compatible

Digital QR Menu is a digital menu application that allows you to show your restaurant menus on IPhone, IPad and Android phones. You can access the menu by scanning the QR Code in your restaurant or cafes.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Cloud Computing Platform

Thanks to the Menulux cloud computing infrastructure, changes made in the menu and prices are instantly transferred to the Qr Menu. In addition, with application updates, you will immediately have new features.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Suitable for all Businesses

Digital QR Menu, restaurant, cafe, patisserie, coffee shops etc. suitable for every business. Easily enhance your digital menu experience with Menulux.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Product Labels

Digital QR Menu, restaurant, cafe, patisserie, coffee shops etc. suitable for every business. Easily enhance your digital menu experience with Menulux.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Language Support

Digital QR Menu offers multiple language options so that your customers from different geographies can easily understand the menu interface.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Animated Product Pictures

The fact that the products in the menu are mobile will attract the attention of your customers. You can also enliven your menu with animated product photos of Menulux.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Allergens And Additive

Your customers may wonder what allergens and additives are in the products in your business. Inform your customers about the allergens and additives in your products with QR Menu.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions

Digital QR Menu allows you to get feedback from your customers. Thanks to the feedback, you can innovate in your business or follow the satisfaction of your customers.

Digital QR Menu Samples

You can experience digital Qr menus by scanning the digital Qr menu QR codes with your smartphone's camera or by clicking the links below the images.

We have discovered an innovative way to visually present our menus, receive mobile orders and feedback with Menulux Pocket digital menu and mobile ordering system.


Thanks to the Menulux POS system and digital menu software that we have been using for many years, we are able to take the orders much easier and faster, and we do all our work safely.


We appreciate for the endless support Menulux has provided us from the first day we started working with their restaurant POS software and digital menu system.


We chose Menulux digital menus to promote our products in the best possible way. We thank Menulux for its products that contribute to our brand value, and we recommend it to all other businesses.


We're happy with Menulux. It's simple to use, inexpensive, and we love digital menu concept. We recommend Menulux to all innovative businesses that give importance to visual quality.

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