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Budget friendly,
fast and easy to use

Next generation digital qr menu system for restaurants, cafes, patisseries and hotels

Menulux Restaurant Digital QR Menu Systems
Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Menu Program, QR Menu System, Login screen
Order fast, don't delay with QR Menu!

Your customers can access the menu in seconds with the menu QR code and place their orders in the fastest way. All they have to do is scan the QR code with their smartphones.

Impressive and user-friendly design

Menulux Digital QR menu helps you present your products in well organized, understandable and impressive way. Special design for smart phones allow your customers to enjoy products with impressive visuals and detailed explanations. In this way, you can gain positive impact and increase your sales.

Less touch, more hygiene

Your customers can use the Digital QR Menu on their smartphones in more hygienic way. You reduce the risk of diseases that can be transmitted from traditional printed paper menus.

Span barriers with foreign language support

Span all borders and expand your customer network with multiple language options. You can customize your products and details according to the languages you want, and increase your sales rates.

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Customize your menu whenever you want

You can easily customize the Digital QR Menu. You can instantly change the names, images, descriptions and prices of all your products from the administration panel.

Reduce printing cost and time

You can edit your products as you wish in a few minutes from the management panel, so you can save money and time compared to traditional printing methods.

Don’t waste your time with damaged paper menu

There is no need for printing on the Digital QR Menu, your menus do not wear out over time, their pages do not break or fall apart. So you don't waste time printing menus again and again. You can protect both your budget and nature.

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Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Menu Program, QR Menu System, Products screen
Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Qr Menu Program, Contactless Menu System, Product detail screen
More Detail, Less Problem

You can give much detailed product information with the Digital QR Menu. In this way, you can answer the possible questions of your customers in advance and make the order process perfect.

More than Standart Menu

Write the ingredients in the product descriptions, or add an introductory text for a more impressive presentation. With the Digital QR Menu, it is always in your hands to offer the better.

Allergen warning for picky customers

In your menu, you can specify products such as gluten, milk, onions, and critical nutritional values. You can prevent negative situations that may occur and increase your satisfaction by enabling customers to make their choices comfortably.

New, favorite and discounted products

With the Digital QR Menu, you can highlight the products you want. By defining labels such as “New, Favorite, Discount” for your products, you can direct your customers to these products and increase your sales.

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Fast and Smooth Orders

With the digital QR menu, your customers can order the products they add to their basket from their smart phones. You can also follow orders from the administration panel. You can quickly prepare the orders and present them to your customers.

Add to the basket, Control, Send

With the Digital QR COde Menu, your customers can add the products they want to the basket and generate their order . They can check their products on the basket and determine or change the number according to their needs.

Quick order from table to kitchen

With the Digital Menu, you can see the incoming orders in the management panel after your customers add their orders to the cart and create an order. If you wish, you can view these orders on the kitchen display and make the process easier.

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Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Qr Menu System, QR Code Menu Program, Order screen
Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Qr Menu Program, Restaurant QR Code Menu, Waiter Call Screen
Easy to call Waiter

With the Menulux Digital QR Menu, your customers can easily call a waiter when they need it. You can reduce the disruptions in your customers waiter needs.

Strong Communication, Happy Customer

QR Menu system, allows your customers to quickly contact the waiters to ask questions, add/edit the order, and make requests. Waiters can follow the requests on their smart phones and provide quick communication with your customers.

Enjoyable Experiences

With Digital QR Menu your customers may call waiter when they need it. In this way, you can have a more enjoyable experience without the need to constantly control and follow customers.

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Pay Attention your Customers Recommendations and Concerns

Give priority to feedback, complaints and suggestions of your customers and act accordingly.

Customer Feedback System

With the contribution of feedback system in QR menu, you can learn what your customers think about your business and how satisfied they are with your services, and they can also indicate their suggestions and complaints.You can correct your deficiencies by considering these suggestions and complaints. In this way, you can provide a better and qualified service in your business.

High Customer Satisfaction

With the customer feedback feature in Digital QR Menu, you can always follow up on customer satisfaction and service quality. You can access feedbacks you receive from Menulux QR Menu also you can check feedbacks from control panel anytime.

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Menulux Digital QR Menu, Restaurant Qr Menu Program, Digital QR Menu, Feedback survey screen
Menulux QR Menu Program, Restaurant QR Code Menu, Contactless Menu System, Increases Sales
Make your customers Happy

With Menulux Digital QR Menu present your menus interactively and well visualized, make your customers happy.

Increase your sales

According to researches using Digital QR Menu, may increase your sales by 30% by presenting your products visually, dynamic and interactive.

Expand Customer Network

By sharing the products on your menu with their photos on social media, you can advertise your products on the qr menu and expand your customer network.

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Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Mobile POS System
Compatible with
iOS and Android

It works seamlessly on all Android and iOS devices.There is no need to install additional mobile app.

Menulux POS System - Order Solutions - Cloud computing infrastructure
Cloud Based

With the Menulux cloud computing infrastructure, you can instantly access all your information on a computer, tablet or smart phone and easily manage your business.

Menulux POS System - Order Solutions - Suitable all businesses
Suitable for all

It can be used seamlessly for retailers, catering and professional service businesses.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Multiple Language
Multiple Language

It offers support for more than 10 different languages for your customers to see the menu and order in the language they want.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Product Photos
Product Photos
and Videos

Add photos and videos of your products through the portal. The photos and videos you add are immediately transferred to your menus.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Allergen Warning
Allergen Substance

Edit the menu from computer or phone. Changes are immediately transferred to the menu with the cloud infrastructure.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Situation Tags
Special Situation

It can be used seamlessly for retailers, catering, professional service businesses.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Feedback and surveys
and Survey

Get your customers' opinions, suggestions or complaints about your business via the qr menu. Manage through the portal system.

Review QR Menu

Scan the QR code on your phone or click to view the QR Menus that our customers are actively using.

Menulux Online Ödeme - QR Menü Sistemleri - Inari Omakase
Inari Omakase
Review QR Menu
Menulux Online Ödeme - QR Menü Sistemleri - Ever Istanbul
Ever Istanbul
Review QR Menu
Menulux Online Ödeme - QR Menü Sistemleri - Cafe Coffea
Coffee Shop
Review QR Menu
Customer Feedbacks

We preferred the Menulux POS system to provide automation in our restaurant, where unique examples of Japanese cuisine are served. Thanks to its easy interface, cash register and Yemeksepeti integrations, it provides great convenience to our business. With a contributuion of Menulux's customer support, we can easily manage our 2 branches from a single center.

Inari Omakase, Istanbul

As Dedeman Hotel, we support our claim to present our quality in the best way by switching to Menulux digital tablet menus. We can collect feedback about our services while presenting products on tablets with the highest quality visuals and in the native language of our guests.

Dedeman Hotel, Kazakistan

As Emirgan Sütiş, we offer our services in our franchises with fast and error-free Menulux POS Systems. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. With the central management system, we can update the menus and prices from a single center to all our branches and monitor the reports instantly.

Emirgan Sutis, Istanbul

We increase our customer satisfaction with a help of easy interfaces, error-free and fast operation in our branches. We manage our business with Menulux POS Systems. We recommend Menulux's new generation sales automation, digital menu and ordering solutions to all chain business owners, restaurant, cafe and patisserie sectors.

Lulu Gelato, Istanbul

We decided to work with Menulux especially because of its ease of use and rich visuality in our spaces where we serve in a concept style. While we present our products with the Menulux digital tablet menu and QR menu system, we take our orders much easier and faster thanks to the Menulux POS system.

Oblomov Cafe Restaurant, Istanbul


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