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Restaurant Ordering System, Waiter Terminal Program

Speed up Orders

Manage tables and orders, get rid of paper bills.

Menulux Restaurant Waiter Handheld Terminal
Menulux Restaurant POS Systems Waiter Handheld Terminal Login screen
Discover the talents of the Menulux Waiter!
Start taking orders now

With Menulux Waiter, it is very convenient to manage tables and orders from smartphones, tablets, hand terminals.

Integrate with Menulux products

Waiter hand terminal can work integrated with all Menulux products. This will, allows you to manage workflow in the best way

Route orders to the kitchen area

Add orders to the cart easily by tapping add to cart button, route them to kitchen and print order receipt.

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Collect orders easilly and quickly!
Take orders by tapping product visuals

User-friendly visual design of Menulux Waiter application allows you to take orders by touching the product ivisuals with your fingertips.

Monitor, detailed product options

You can take orders by adding detailed options to the products. Tap a product to view options. If you wish, you can take orders based on quantity or price and add a description.

Group orders with Pre-order feature

Use the grouping feature when you want to separate the orders of each customer at the table.

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Menulux Restaurant POS Systems Waiter Handheld Terminal User screen
Menulux Restaurant POS Systems Waiter Handheld Terminal Table Selection screen
Switch between floors and tables!
Choose the table and take order easily

Easily find the correct table for your order with Menulux Waiter and take orders with one touch.

Move or Merge tables

You can move a table to another table or merge it with another table with one touch.

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Organize, send and print your cart!
Review, edit your orders

After adding the products to the cart, check and edit them and submit your order with one touch.

Send and print orders instantly to the kitchen

Send the products you add to the cart then it will be routed kitchen and printed immediately. Print food and beverages from different kitchen areas and printers by grouping products and to printers.

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Menulux Restaurant POS Systems Waiter Handheld Terminal - Product order screen
Menulux Restaurant POS Systems Waiter Handheld Terminal Table Selection screen
Manage bills and see past orders!
Review past table orders

th Menulux Waiter, you can review the account statements of open tables. You can see the previous orders in detail by touching the table.

Split or merge bills on the table

With the Waiter Handheld Terminal, you can divide the orders on the table into bills or merge the divided bills.

Ingenico cash register TSM integration

With the Ingenico TSM integration, you can receive payments by credit card via mobile cash register devices at the desk and close the account automatically.

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Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Mobile POS System
Mobile POS

Menulux Garson is a mobile ordering handheld terminal application that works on smartphones and tablets. Get started right away by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Integrated with POS
Integrated with
Menulux POS

With the Menulux Waiter application, orders taken with smartphones and tablets are instantly transferred to the mobile POS system and printed from the printers in the kitchens.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Compatible with all businesses
Suitable for all

It can be used seamlessly for retailers, catering and professional service businesses.

Menulux POS System - Ordering Solutions - Multi-Language
Multi Language

It offers support for more than 10 different languages for your customers to see the menu and order in the language they want.

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Customer Feedbacks

As Emirgan Sütiş, we offer our services in our franchises with fast and error-free Menulux POS Systems. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. With the central management system, we can update the menus and prices from a single center to all our branches and monitor the reports instantly.

Emirgan Sutis, Istanbul

We preferred the Menulux POS system to provide automation in our restaurant, where unique examples of Japanese cuisine are served. Thanks to its easy interface, cash register and Yemeksepeti integrations, it provides great convenience to our business. With a contributuion of Menulux's customer support, we can easily manage our 2 branches from a single center.

Inari Omakase, Istanbul

As Dinesty Group, we use the new generation financially approved restaurant automation system offered to us by Menulux POS. Systems is running our Serafina restaurant. We carry out our customer transactions in accordance with the legal regulations and quickly. Thanks to Menulux for their interests and customer support.

Sefarina Restaurant, Istanbul

We increase our customer satisfaction with a help of easy interfaces, error-free and fast operation in our branches. We manage our business with Menulux POS Systems. We recommend Menulux's new generation sales automation, digital menu and ordering solutions to all chain business owners, restaurant, cafe and patisserie sectors.

Lulu Gelato, Istanbul

As Dedeman Hotel, we support our claim to present our quality in the best way by switching to Menulux digital tablet menus. We can collect feedback about our services while presenting products on tablets with the highest quality visuals and in the native language of our guests.

Dedeman Hotel, Kazakistan


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Menulux POS Systems are actively used in a total of 24 countries, including Turkey, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

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