Robot Waiter System

Next generation robot waiter system for innovative and pioneering businesses

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Menulux Restoran Otomasyonları - Robot Çözümleri - Otomatik Tabak Dağıtım Servisi
Happy customers with waiter robots

Waiter robots ease the workload of your business and allow employees to serve more efficiently. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in your business.

Unique experience

Offer your customers a refreshing new concept they weren't used to before. And impress your customers with interactive features that create futuristic and unique experiences.

Contactless order delivery

Thanks to the Menulux robot waiter tray distribution system, we now pay more attention to hygiene rules. Let the robot waiters take your orders to the table.

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Discover the Automatic Service System!
Autonomous Navigation System

Robot waiter systems enable your robot waiters to deliver to customers' tables safely and accurately, using autonomous navigation systems. Robot waiters detect obstacles in your business with sensors and laser radar technology and prevent collisions. Provide a more secure and error-free service in your business by ensuring the safety of your customers.

Increase Profitability

Increase profitability in your businesses thanks to robot waiter systems. While delivering your customers' orders quickly and without errors, it also increases the business volume of your business. Serve more customers by extending the working hours of your business thanks to robot waiters.

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Menulux Restoran Otomasyonları - Robot Çözümleri - Otomatik Tepsi Dağıtım
Menulux Restoran Otomasyonları - Tepsi Dağıtım Robotu - Tabak Servisi
Automatic Delivery System!

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty of your businesses. Deliver customers' orders on time with automated delivery. Provide a better quality service by reducing delivery errors thanks to orders delivered to the right desks.

Fast and effective delivery

Deliver orders to customers quickly and effectively with automatic tray delivery systems, increasing customer satisfaction and business volume of your business.

Less mistakes

Reduce delivery errors and protect your business's reputation by delivering orders to the right desks and provide a better quality service.

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Menulux POS System - Restaurant Automation - Navigation System
Navigation System

Menulux Waiter robots have lasers and sensors to avoid obstacles in the business.

Menulux POS System - Restaurant Automation - Capacity

Menulux Tray Delivery devices have a total carrying capacity of 40kg, with a loading capacity of 10kg per floor.

Menulux POS System - Restaurant Automation - Battery Life
Battery Life

Menulux Robot Waiters work for a long time with a working time of 12-15 hours in a day without interruption..

Menulux POS System - Restaurant Automation - Smart Speed Limit
Smart Speed Limit

Smart Robot Waiters adapt to the environment by adjusting their speed according to the slope of the floor with the improved speed limit function..

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