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Restaurant Self Order Kiosk, Self Service Kiosk System

Innovative Ordering Experience

Help your customers place orders quickly and easily

Menulux Restaurant Pos Devices - Self Order System
Menulux Self Order System - Kiosk Main Screen
Discover the Menulux Self Order Kiosk System!

Self Order Kiosk helps you complete your orders quickly and also offers you the chance to discover delicious dishes on the menus. Customize your orders according to your personal preferences and meet the Self Order Kiosk System.

Speed ​​up Orders with Self Order Kiosk

Prevent customers from waiting in long lines and provide a better ordering experience with the Self Order Kiosk devices you place in your business. Ensure customers place correct orders and prevent human errors with Self Order Kiosk devices.

Present a Better Menu Experience

Create the names, images, descriptions and prices of all your products via the Menulux Portal. Present your menus to your customers in their best form thanks to Self Order Kiosk devices.

Offer Special Preferences to Your Customers

Your customer can choose the order type according to his preference. You can enjoy your meal on-site with the 'Eat Now' option, or you can consume your meal wherever you want with the 'Takeaway' option, thus offering your customers a unique eating and drinking experience.

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Fast Order Experience with Categories and Products
Introduce Your Products and Categories

Menulux Self Order Kiosks help you present your products in an organized, clear, and impressive manner. With its 23.8" large screen, your customers can enjoy browsing through your products with captivating visuals, detailed descriptions, and all available options.

Quick Ordering Experience

Menulux Self Order Kiosks not only showcase your products in an impressive way but also provide your customers with an easy and fast ordering experience. Your customers can explore products, add them to the cart, and with a single touch, proceed to the cart to view the order summary.

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Menulux Self Order System - Kiosk Category Screen
Menulux Self Order System - Kiosk Product Detail Screen
Present Your Products in Detail!

Accelerate your sales by providing your customers with more comprehensive and informative product information. Showcase your products with high-resolution images, compelling product descriptions, pricing details, and options.

Customizable Options

Transform the taste of your offerings into a completely unique experience with a wide range of customizable options to cater to every palate. Personalize your flavors with sauces, portion sizes, extra ingredients, and other special preferences.

Make Your Choice, Proceed to Payment

After reviewing product descriptions and pricing information, you can add the desired quantity and options to your cart. Easily complete your shopping by proceeding to the payment stage.

Explore Products with Unlimited Language Options

Explore our extensive range of products worldwide by selecting your preferred language. Product names, descriptions, and all options are presented in accordance with your language choice.

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Quick and Smooth Orders!

Your customers can view the items added to their cart with Menulux Self Order Kiosk, make final adjustments, and send the order to the kitchen by pressing the 'Complete Order' button. Quickly fulfill the orders and serve them to your customers promptly.

Review Your Cart

We provide customers with the ability to review their orders by viewing the order summary, allowing them to increase or decrease the quantity of items. If you wish to remove products, you can cancel the order by clicking on the trash can icon next to each item or by clicking the large trash can icon in the top right corner of the page to clear the entire cart.

Easy Ordering with Detailed Price Information

To see the Total, Subtotal, and VAT amounts, you can look at the bottom left corner of the page and review the price details of each item. You can proceed to complete the order from this section. If you want to continue shopping, clicking the 'Continue Shopping' button will redirect you to the product page to explore and add different items to your cart.

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Menulux Self Order System - Kiosk Cart Screen
Menulux Self Order System - Kiosk Payment Screen
Paying with Self-Order Kiosk is Now Faster Than Ever!
Quickly Accept Payments with Credit Cards

Enable your customers to make payments with the POS device located next to the Self Order Kiosk. They can either bring their cards close to the contactless card reading area of the POS device or insert their cards into the reader at the bottom of the device to complete payments. With this system, provide your customers with a fast and efficient payment experience without waiting in line.

Track Orders with Kitchen Display System (KDS)

After completing the payment process, customers can track their orders using the order tracking number displayed on the screen. These orders are transmitted to your kitchen display and become easier for your staff to monitor.

Order Tracking After Payment

Upon completing the payment for orders placed through the Self Order Kiosk, customers can receive a receipt from the built-in receipt printer at the bottom of the device. They can use this receipt to track their orders on the Order Tracking (OPS) Screen.

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Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Mobile POS System
Self Order

Menulux Self Order Kiosk System is a Cafe & Restaurant automation developed for Android devices. Start testing by installing it on your tablet now.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Cloud computing infrastructure
Cloud Computing

Manage your business easily by accessing all your information instantly from a computer, tablet, or smartphone through Menulux cloud computing infrastructure.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Market Patisserie Hotel System
Kitchen Display (KDS) System

Orders taken with Menulux Self Order Kiosk system are sent to the Kitchen Display, allowing kitchen staff to track orders.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Offline Operation
Suitable for All

Suitable for retail sellers, food and beverage services, and businesses providing professional services.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Stock System
Unlimited Language Options

Complete all order stages in the language of your choice with Self Order Kiosk.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Current Account Management
Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders from the Order Tracking Screens in your business.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Online Order Integrations
Various Theme

Impress your customers by selecting the most suitable theme color for your business from the Self Order Kiosk settings page.

Menulux Self-Service POS System - Market Automation - Additional Device Integration
Menu Update

Update all the changes you made through Menulux Management systems by touching the update button on the Self Order Kiosk settings page.


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