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Technology Wind at Turkish Petroleum Restaurant: Cashierless Sales System with Restaurant Mobile Ordering Application

Menulux POS Systems · April 11, 2024

Technology has become one of the most effective tools used today to increase the efficiency of businesses and improve customer experience. Digitalization is becoming increasingly important, especially in businesses such as restaurants, cafes and eateries.

“Turkish Petroleum Club is preparing to be one of the pioneers of this technological transformation. “No longer will you need to stand in line or have a waiter wait to review menus and place your order.”

With mobile ordering and payment applications, the era of cashierless sales begins. Customers will be able to view the menus and select the products they want via the Turkish Petroleum Lokali mobile application from their smartphones or tablets, and then complete their payment transactions via their mobile devices. In this way, customer waiting times will decrease, while business owners will be able to provide faster and more efficient service.

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Mobile ordering applications not only provide a more convenient and practical service to customers, but also provide many advantages to business owners, thanks to the digital menu and mobile ordering system experience that customers can register and view from their smartphones . For example, it will be possible for businesses to instantly monitor the current stock status, identify popular products and organize the menu accordingly, or quickly update campaigns. In this way, business owners will be able to make strategic decisions more easily and increase their income.

Additionally, thanks to the cashierless checkout system, significant savings will be achieved in personnel costs. Business owners will be able to reduce operational costs by reducing the number of staff. In addition, the cashierless checkout system will provide a fast and error-free payment process, increasing customer satisfaction and contributing to gaining loyal customers.

To achieve this technological transformation, Turkish Petroleum Local uses solutions such as Menulux restaurant ticket program and integrated mobile ordering application . Menulux offers solutions suitable for the needs of cafe and restaurant businesses. With its history of success and commitment to technology, it contributes to the development of new businesses. Menulux, which has deep experience in the field of new generation POS systems , is here to offer the most suitable solutions to businesses with customizable features and flexible hardware options.

Menulux POS Systems - Online Ordering Solutions - Mobile Ordering Application

Providing you with a start-up operation that will give you the results you want by taking the time to understand the basic challenges of your business, Menulux enables you to make a difference and maximize the potential of your business in cafe and restaurant billing programs , digital menus with QR codes and mobile ordering systems, self-order kiosks and self-checkout payment systems.

Now, the wind of technology is blowing at the Turkish Petroleum Club. The era of cashierless sales begins with the integrated mobile ordering application with digital menu, online ordering, wallet and mobile payment features . You can take a look at Menulux's solutions to be a part of this technological transformation and maximize the potential of your business! For detailed information, visit the Menulux website .

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