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Strategic Cooperation Between Menulux POS Systems and PAVO on Android POS Devices

Menulux POS Systems · March 21, 2024

Menulux POS Systems, which offers new generation POS solutions to more than 1,000 restaurants, cafes, hotels and chain businesses in Turkey, England, Germany and 24 other countries, and Pavo Financial Technology Solutions, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, Turkey's most comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem. decided to continue its strategic cooperation with the new generation Pavo Android Pos devices.

Menulux POS Systems - Restaurant Ticket Program - Blog

Pavo, one of the leading players in the world of Payment Systems, has successfully implemented many projects in the cash register world with Menulux, a company that develops new generation order and payment solutions for chain businesses. In the World of New Generation Payment Systems, Pavo and Menulux companies will continue to produce integrated solutions and provide added value for customers. With the collaboration of Pavo & Menulux, customers; By optimizing their business processes, they will be able to increase their income and continue their activities by increasing their service satisfaction.

Pavo General Manager Ercan Taşkesen, ''As Pavo, we continue to be one of the most preferred solution partners for software house business partners with 6 different Android Pos models, 5 different integration library options, and a strong R&D team. Thanks to our New Generation Android Pos infrastructure and integration diversity, we create time, cost and fast integration advantages for our business partners who develop software in different sectors," he said.

Menulux POS Systems - Restaurant Ticket Program - Blog

This synergy arising from Pavo's technology and service-oriented new generation android POS solutions and Menulux POS Systems company's vast knowledge and experience in the sector, Menulux founding Partners Özgür Ulucay and Asım Bulut ''When we see a Pavo device in the field, we can say 'Our Pavo'. '' In this statement, we feel happy about the ownership between the two companies and cooperating as a single team.

Menulux Founding Partners Özgür Uluçay and Asım Bulut “As Menulux POS Systems, we have developed innovative POS system solutions for many sectors such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, and more comprehensive and sustainable end-to-end integrated payment solutions with our customers with Pavo Android POS. We offer. Our collaboration with Pavo continues as a constantly developing and strengthening partnership. This collaboration enables us to offer a more qualified Menulux experience by facilitating the service processes we offer to our customers, with the support of Pavo's experienced team. "The innovative and customer-oriented approach we offer to our customers with the synergy arising from this strong collaboration is the common signature of Menulux and Pavo." he said.

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