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New Generation Restaurant POS Systems: Key Features of Android Based Restaurant Billing & POS System

Menulux POS Systems · April 1, 2024

Restaurants must use a reliable POS (Point of Sale) system to quickly and effectively take orders, manage bills, process payments and ensure customer satisfaction. While traditional POS systems run on desktop computers or special POS devices, new generation restaurant POS systems offer a more flexible and mobile experience by running on Android-based devices.

“In this article, we will focus on the basic features of Android-based restaurant POS systems.”

Menulux POS Systems - Restaurant Addition Program - Blog

1. Cloud System Infrastructure

Android-based restaurant POS systems work by uploading defined data via a cloud-based system infrastructure. Since the system database is on the cloud platform, data will not be lost in case of any device failure. Operations continue where they left off with any other Android device or tablet. Thanks to the cloud system infrastructure, there is no need to make configuration data on the device.

2. Table Management

Android-based restaurant POS systems make it easy to manage the restaurant's table layout. You can easily define floors and tables via the online management panel and automatically transfer them to the Android-based restaurant program . Waiters can easily take orders from the tables where customers are seated and follow the tables and bills. In this way, orders are delivered to the correct tables and service is provided quickly.

3. Menu Management

Another important feature that allows restaurants to easily manage their menus is the menu management feature available in Android-based POS systems. Restaurant owners or managers can easily add, edit or remove items from the menu. They can also increase customer satisfaction by adding special discounts or promotions.

4. Order Management

Android-based restaurant POS systems make it easy to take and manage orders. Waiters can quickly enter the orders they receive from customers into the billing system via Android tablets or handheld terminals and forward them to the kitchen. Thus, customer satisfaction is increased by ensuring that the order in each invoice is prepared correctly and on time.

Menulux POS Systems - Restaurant Addition Program - Blog

5. Online Order Management

Android-based restaurant POS systems integrate with online ordering systems such as Yemeksepeti, Getir, Trendyol and allow orders to be received from these applications. In addition, orders coming through the business-specific digital menu and mobile ordering application can also be easily managed.

6. Payment Transactions

Android-based restaurant POS systems offer customers a flexible payment experience by supporting different payment methods. Waiters can easily open customers' accounts and receive payments with different payment options. It also increases the operational efficiency of businesses by offering features such as split account or group payment.

7. Reporting and Analysis

Android-based restaurant ticket system provides business owners with detailed reports and analysis, allowing them to better manage their business. It supports the decision-making processes of businesses by analyzing data such as sales reports, stock tracking, and personnel performance.


Android-based restaurant POS systems are an important tool to increase the efficiency of restaurant businesses and ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to basic features such as table management, menu management, order management, payment transactions, reporting and analysis, restaurants can manage and grow their business more effectively. Therefore, restaurant businesses can improve their business by evaluating Android-based restaurant ticket programs and POS systems.

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