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Future Coffee Service in Cafe Automation Systems: 120 Cups of Coffee per Hour with Robot Barista

Menulux POS Systems · March 28, 2024

While the importance of technology in the coffee world increases day by day, the automatic barista developed by Cafe X Technologies brings a new breath to the industry. An example of technological developments in the coffee industry, this automatic barista aims to provide a fast and quality coffee experience for coffee lovers.

Robot barista, which is much faster and more efficient than traditional coffee service methods, is a product of engineering and innovation in the field of cafe automation systems. This technological device allows cafe operators to provide fast and high-quality service, while also providing coffee lovers with an excellent experience.

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This automatic barista, which came on the market with a price tag of $ 25,000, started to attract attention from cafe owners. The capacity to make 120 cups of coffee per hour provides a significant advantage for businesses with a busy work schedule. At the same time, it is thought that this technological device, which offers customers a quality coffee experience, will create a significant transformation in the coffee industry.

Henry Hu, founder of Café X Technologies, explains the purpose of developing this innovative product: “We wanted to find a more efficient and effective solution to meet people's coffee needs. “This automatic barista offers fast service to customers and reduces the workload of coffee shops.”

The robot barista also symbolizes the beginning of a new era in the coffee industry. While this technological development excites coffee enthusiasts, it seems to increase the efficiency of businesses and offer customers a better coffee experience. The speed and precision of the robot barista in the coffee making process provides customers with an instant and fresh coffee experience. The capacity to serve many customers at the same time saves time and labor for cafe owners and reduces the workload of employees.

“This automatic barista, which coffee enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting, appears as a promising innovation for the future in the coffee industry.”

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