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Comparison of Cafe and Restaurant POS Systems... What is it? How to Choose a POS & Ticket System?

Menulux POS Systems · March 10, 2024

You have determined your brand for your business and finally found a place to rent and started designing the interior and exterior. After months of planning, you're interviewing to select your staff in time for your grand opening. Now there's one last job left! You haven't chosen a POS system yet and you don't know exactly where to start.

Will you choose one of the systems you see in other cafes and restaurants or those used by your friends who own businesses? Or would you prefer a more specific and flexible POS system that suits your needs?

“We will try to draw attention to some important points that may help you in this difficult decision.”

Reliable and Simple: Cash Register POS Device

At first glance, the most well-known and simplest POS system on the market is a reliable cash register POS device with a credit card payment terminal. You enter the products the customer wants to buy or scan them with a barcode reader, receive payment in cash or credit card, give the receipt and change, and the transaction ends. Isn't it simple and easy enough?

Yes, a simple cash register POS installation is good and does not cost software, but it falls short in many points. You will lose the opportunity to benefit from some features that are needed today, such as managing orders and receipts, receiving package orders from many online ordering platforms, and instantly monitoring sales and stock data.

While this is a common solution that many businesses rely on, a simple cash register POS device makes it impossible to gain insight into your business's efficiency.

Menulux POS Systems - Cash Register POS

“This solution alone, the simplest and easiest to implement, can become a recipe for disaster for your business due to the lack of reporting and centralized sales data available in many POS systems.”

Tried and Solid: Traditional POS Systems

Although it is a bit outdated, the next choice is the traditional POS system, known as the old style. These types of POS systems mostly require a Windows-based PC or laptop and a billing program running on it. Information from the system is stored on a central server host or external device for secure storage.

These systems provide a great solution for collecting and analyzing your sales and inventory data. In this way, you can reduce waste and accurately determine inventory and ordering. This brings with it many important advantages that will help you stay one step ahead of your customers and provide them with what they need, sometimes before they need it.

When purchasing these systems, you usually make a one-time payment or you can even find a “free” billing system. Of course, the initial costs of quality hardware, software licenses, and installation fees may exceed some businesses' budgets. Such POS systems, which are not flexible and scalable, will become outdated and inadequate over time, and will generally require high on-site support fees in case of a malfunction.

Menulux POS Systems - Traditional POS

From a security perspective, although traditional POS systems are simple to install and run the software on your own devices, this cannot protect you against physical security concerns such as intrusions, staff deregistration, or information theft.

“Considering that these traditional POS system solutions do not come with cloud support, your data is completely unprotected and sometimes you may have to make extra efforts to recover your data.”

New Generation POS Systems with Cloud System Infrastructure

Today's modern POS systems consist of billing programs and integrated mobile applications supported by cloud system infrastructure. While hardware is still a necessity, software-based POS systems will come with next-generation software and application solutions that run on mobile devices or tablets, not limiting you to old-school devices. Do you want to use the devices you have, use them. Do you want to upgrade, upgrade easily! For all this, choose a powerful software provider that offers you greater flexibility and application solutions together.

Cloud POS systems are the most modern systems as they store all data in the cloud, so your data is never “lost” and is always available wherever you are. A cloud-based solution gives you a secure place to store your vital information while growing your business. It allows you to receive reports and control your work via your smartphone, even if you're lying on a beach.

These easy-to-use POS systems can scale with your growing business. Many problems encountered in old-style POS systems are prevented thanks to device replacement and software update capabilities, without being tied to long-term support contracts or hardware options you do not need. Additionally, many providers offer 24/7 support services at rates that never hurt.

One point that can be considered negative: The idea that cloud-based billing system software only works online. Yes, many emerging software houses offer software solutions that only work online because the development process is easier. Unfortunately, these services, which are generally offered for cheap monthly fees, cannot provide the robustness and integrity of traditional systems.

Of course, experienced and powerful software companies in this regard offer cloud POS solutions that support the robustness of traditional systems and Offline working features in an internet-free environment, together with all other integration structures. This is the most important thing you should pay attention to when making comparisons!

Menulux POS Systems - Traditional POS

“The bottom line is, when opening a new business, it's important to get an expert's opinion on your restaurant POS system choice to make sure you have the perfect solution for your size and needs.”

Let Us Help You Choose a Restaurant POS System!

Starting a cafe restaurant business is a bigger undertaking than expected. An important step when starting this business; It is the POS system choice that provides solutions for restaurant management such as orders, sales, invoices, collections, current accounts, stocks and reporting.

Your solution partner in this regard must have deep experience in cafe restaurant businesses and POS systems. It is crucial to choose a software company that has a track record of success and has the technology and innovation to help new businesses thrive. Your solution partner needs to correctly identify the perfect POS system solution for you and provide an initial operation to implement it.

Menulux is here to help! We take the time to identify the key business challenges you face. With a wide range of customizable features and flexible hardware options to choose from, you can be confident that the system you implement will give you the results you desire.

Menulux POS Systems - Menulux Plaza

“Contact us today to see how Menulux can be a valuable solution partner for you and to get more information about cloud system infrastructure, hardware, software and system solutions.”

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