Get instant sales reports and visual analysis from your smartphone

Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System
Mobile Management System

Menulux Boss is a mobile management app that allows you to manage your business on iPhone and Android phones. Download now from the App Store and Google Play.

Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System Cloud Computing Platform
Cloud Computing Platform

Menulux Boss lets you manage products, sales, inventory and current accounts, and you can access reports of your branches thanks to mobile cloud platform.

Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System Instant Reports and Analysis
Instant Reports and Analysis

Get real time end of day, register, sales and inventory reports instantly. Improve your business situation by analyzing your sales on visual analytics.

Menulux Boss - Mobile Management System - Restoran POS Automation  
Manage your restaurant POS systems, get the end of day, sales and inventory reports instantly!

Discover Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System
Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System Advanced Sales Reports
Menulux Boss - Mobile Management System

Peace of mind in your pocket! See how your business is doing, from anywhere

Reach all of your end of day, checkout, sales, current account and inventory reports on smartphones. Compare your periodical sales with visual analysis.

Access to sales reports instantly

Menulux Boss enables you to reach all of the sales that are processed by your mobile POS system in real-time via cloud platform. You can instantly view the reports such as end of day, register, sales, stock and current accounts.

Analyse your periodic sales

Use periodic comparisons to gain a clearer perspective of how you’re doing. Menulux mobile cloud platform allows you to reach visual graphics of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales of your periodicals within seconds. By comparing your periodic sales, you can analyze the current state of your business and grow your business by making the right decisions.

Menulux Boss - Mobile Management System

Check all your key business info in real-time

Understand your business. See everything from best-selling items to top-performing staff. Review the summary reports and visual analysis of the best-selling products, end of day, register and stock status.

Hot selling products

Know which items are dead weight, and which are worth their weight in gold. Display your top-selling products during the day in your business summary, and increase sales by organizing campaigns and promotions on the products you are targeting.

End of day and register reports

Access to summary of your sales and turnover information, also payment details on cash, foreign exchange, credit card, tickets, etc.

Inventory reports

Inspect your stock movements, keep track of your products, semi-finished and raw material inventories, and validate them with periodic counts.

Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System Reports and Analysis
Download Menulux Boss - Mobile Management System - Restaurant POS Automation

Start trying the Menulux Boss app by downloading from the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.

Download Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System app from iTunes App Store Download Menulux Boss Mobile Restoran Management System app from Google Play Store

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