Barcode Scale / Label Printer - Menulux POS Integration
Menulux POS System Industrial Devices - Industrial Barcode Scale / Label Printer
LCD Display

Customers and operators can easily read the bright alpha-numeric LCD with back-light. Large characters display the product name or scroll messages for promotions or store specials.


Water-resistant membrane keyboard stands up to frequent use.

Powerful Communication

Through the standard Ethernet or RS-232 interface, inter-scale and store controller communication is readily available.

Reliable Printing Mechanism

Changing the thermal paper roll is easy through the large opening in the scale housing which enables quick loading of the label or receipt roll. This access ensures easy handling of rolls and maintenance at the store level, reducing waste, error and costs.

Fast Label / Receipt Printing

Quick weight stabilization and fast label / receipt printing allows the operator to serve more customers and increase volume of the operation.

Menulux POS System Industrial Devices - Industrial Barcode Scale / Label Printer
Menulux POS System Industrial Devices - Industrial Barcode Scale / Label Printer
Use Wherever You Want

With the Wireless LAN network interface, scale installation locations can quickly change without added costs. ( Wireless network card is optional. )

Barcode Reader Connection

You can use it for further processing with barcode reader connection.



Max. 3kg Max. 6kg Max. 12kg Max. 15kg Max. 30kg

Monospace Type(1/3,000-1/6,000)

e=1g e=2g - e=5g e=10g / - e=1g e=2g - e=5g

Very Intermittent type 1/3,000

Max. 3/6 kg Max. 6/15 kg Max. 15/30 kg - e=1/2g e = 2/5g e = 5/10g


SM-100B / SM-100P / SM-100EV / SM-100BS / SM-100H


Backlit 32 x 202 Full dot matrix LCD (Top row: 5 x 10 dots/character, Bottom row: 7 x 12 dots/character)

Number Of Preset Keys

40 / 40 / 74 / 72 / 76

Memory Capacity

1 MB ( Standard ) 2MB ( Optional )

Screen Resolution

1/3,000 , 1/6,000

Paper Width

Max. 60 mm ( label) 60 mm ( plug)

Print Speed

80 mm/sec. ( Tag) 105 mm/sec. (plug)

Label Size

Maximum 60 (w) x 220 (l) mm

Power Supply

AC 100 / 110 / 220 / 230 / 240 Volt (50/60 Hz.)

Work Environment Temperature

-10 ° c to + 40 ° c

Standard Interface

RS232C, Ethernet, cash drawers I/F, wireless LAN I/F (IEEE 802.11 b/g) Note: not included in the Cash Drawer and wireless LAN.

Dimensions (mm) G x U x Y

386 x 416 x 128 / 386 x 478 x 480 / 386 x 416 x 550 / 386 x 340 x 764 / 350 x 369 x 844

Net Weight

9.9 kg / 11.7 kg / 11.1 kg / 14.4 kg / 11.5 kg

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