Menulux POS System - Ready Mobile App

Move your business to the Pocket

Give your customers access to price and content information from their smartphone or tablet, with their visuals, to your menus. Your customers can look at pictures of your business from the picture gallery and be aware of your campaigns.

Favorite Products and Social Media

Your customers can add their favorite products to their favorites and they can share one click on social media.

Advanced Management Panel

Begin to use the easy-to-use, advanced management panel, where you can manage all the content of your application. Create your gallery, identify your categories, and add remarkable product visuals and content. Promote your campaigns and promotions to your customers. If you wish, you can add new products, remove them or change prices.

Your customer can decide on the way to their order

Your customer may have information about menus and prices before they come to the restaurant, they can decide on their way to their orders.

Location Information

With the mobile app, your customer can easily find you from your location on the map and your address information.

Get Order With Mobile App

Your customers can place an order by phone or on a shopping cart through the mobile app. Promote your brand to everyone with better quality and higher standards service.

Menulux POS System - Ready Mobile App
Menulux POS System - Ready Mobile App
Survey Option

It includes survey service where you can receive feedback on your customers' opinions and assessments. You can follow the customer satisfaction about the menu, price, service, kindness and environment on this page.


Your mobile app is ready for instant service for smartphones and tablets with Android and IOS. Your customers can start using it right away by downloading your app through the App Store and Google Play.


Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
IPhone And Android Compatible

You can easily use Menulux Mobile Application from smart phones and tablets with Android and IOS operating systems.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Cloud Computing Platform

Thanks to Menulux cloud computing infrastructure, you can easily manage your mobile application remotely by accessing all your information from a computer, laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Suitable for all Businesses

Menulux Mobile Application, restaurant, cafe, bar, tea gardens etc. It enables you to offer the mobile order application service that can be easily prepared for businesses to your customers.

Menulux POS restaurant POS system is a mobile pos solutions
Advanced Management Panel

Thanks to the advanced management panel of the Menulux Portal, you can add your products as you wish or make changes in their prices.

Create your mobile app in minutes via the Menulux Portal central management system and start using it now.

Menulux Portal

We have discovered an innovative way to visually present our menus, receive mobile orders and feedback with Menulux Pocket digital menu and mobile ordering system.


Thanks to the Menulux POS system and digital menu software that we have been using for many years, we are able to take the orders much easier and faster, and we do all our work safely.


We appreciate for the endless support Menulux has provided us from the first day we started working with their restaurant POS software and digital menu system.


We chose Menulux digital menus to promote our products in the best possible way. We thank Menulux for its products that contribute to our brand value, and we recommend it to all other businesses.


We're happy with Menulux. It's simple to use, inexpensive, and we love digital menu concept. We recommend Menulux to all innovative businesses that give importance to visual quality.

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